Citadel Business School Limited (CBS) is incorporated in Nigeria as one of the leading tuition and service provider in Finance, Business and Management Education. CBS is registered with the Ministry of Education. The School is desirous of providing Education and affordable Tuition to Nigerian students specifically and African students generally. CBS is therefore poised to pursue this objective with all seriousness and sincerity to help improve the stock of qualified professionals and researchers that will contribute qualitatively to the Economic emancipation of Nigeria, Africa and the World.

CBS is therefore willing to be part of the educational development of the people of Nigeria and of other countries in Africa. The School will be reputed for providing world class tuition and services to its students who will grow to be of world standards.

CBS will provide tuition for professional Accounting students on part-time and full-time basis. The School will also run Academic programmes for both undergraduate and postgraduate students with emphasis on research studies. It will run tuition online for all its courses.

CBS will help to develop working individuals in their quests for career progression and personal development to empower them to become high-performance assets to employers. The school will build leaders who will be innovators and independent thinkers that will be empowered to shape the future of their communities by directly contributing to economic prosperity, personal wealth, the upliftment of society and ecological sustainability.

The intention of Citadel Business School Limited is to create a learning environment which will be first of its kind in Nigeria and which will be of world Standard. We are of the opinion that this is the time to start quality education of World class in our country if Nigeria is to achieve success in any transformation agenda.

Therefore Our:


Our Vision is to be totally committed to the personal and professional developments of students and to inspire all stakeholders through excellence of our programmes and strive to be recognized as one of the leading Business Schools in the world”.


“Citadel Business School is to develop Financial and Management professionals who will be capable of making effective and reasonable contribution to personal business, the government and communities, through effective learning, research and enterprise of the best standards”.


“Citadel Business School will uphold the under-listed values:


  • Providing the highest standards and rewarding excellence.
  • Continuous improvement and innovation.
  • Commendable Public Service and outstanding Scholarship


  • Accountable properly to those we serve that support us.
  • To be honest in all our actions and communications.


  • Access to everyone interested and can benefit from our courses.
  • Promoting inclusivity of rich diversity of humankind in all aspects of academic life.
  • Intellectual freedom and respect for individual differences.

Social Responsibility

  • To ensure adequate understanding and care of people and create a climate of collaboration and cooperation among, staff, students and larger community.
  • Stewardship of environmental and public recourses.


  • Creation, preservation and standard of knowledge.
  • Promote the common good of all stakeholders by the application of knowledge.